Martina Cross Kalender

Burgmansia and Datura Beauties 2015 international Calendar premium edition

I am very happy to announce the publication of Brugmasia and Datura Beauties 2015 international calendar. As far as I know there are not many Brugmansia and Datura calendars available to buy and so I though I give the international Brugmansia community the chance to get their hands on one with some photos of some of my beautiful hybrids.

Brugmansia and Datura Beauties 2015 comes as an international square wall calendar which unfolds to its double lenght. It features 5 languages, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portoguese and is printed on premium paper. Its is available from now via for example. Of course it is available at any other bookshop worldwide via the titel and the isbn number.



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